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          Michigan to Los Angeles transplant, Courtney Argue, has been on a roll since she splashed onto the music scene overseas 2 years ago with her first major release "Make it Rain" featuring Pitbull.  As a newly independent singer/songwriter working on a completely new project, she has been described as urban pop's new "It Girl" to watch for.  DISMAGAZINE recently shouted her out as the next big thing next to the likes of new comers like Pia Mia.


          Courtney Argue brings you her first U.S. single "Young N' Reckless (mad yet)" ft. Fowl, teasing fans with the "bad girl" vibe of the project she's working on.  The video was produced by Chauncey Gardner of Chromatic Media who is known for working with artists like Ray J, Chanel Westcoast, French Montana and Paloma Ford.  The release of the Rnbass slapper, "Young N' Reckless" debuts a sound and an energy that Courtney wanted to make apparent in all of her new music.  The songstress calls her new work "a tribute to being young, free, and unapologetic," with tracks written exclusively by Courtney herself.  The new music has been described as "edgy" and "assertive from a female perspective"  which is important to her.  "I have a lot to say.  I think I'm saying a lot of things that (females especially) want to say, but don't know how to say."  Singles to come feature songs with produces like DJ DNA (Lil Jon), DJ Fingaz (XZIBIT, Jamie Foxx, Lil Wayne).


          Courtney is excited to get her project moving in the U.S.!  Although her previous records overseas featuring artists such as Pitbull, FloRida, and Snoop Dogg, charted well on iTunes, (her Debut "Make it Rain" was number 1 in Japan for a consecutive 4 weeks), she says her new sound and music is completely unrelated to what people may have heard from her in the past.  She says that being  an independent artist has been a creatively freeing experience.   "This music is  all me- no one telling me what to say, what not to say, etc..  I'm really showcasing my growth as an artist and as a person.  You can love it or you can hate it, but it's me, it's my world."  Courtney says she has enjoyed all the new people she has been blessed to work with and can't wait to continue working with more new people.





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